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Within the city of Madrid, there are EMT night lines that operate throughout the night in the capital. All night buses in Madrid depart from Plaza Cibeles stop, just a couple of lines depart from Alonso Martinez and there is a special service that also connects Atocha with Madrid Airport (Adolfo Suarez - Barajas) during the night. For these night buses the same tickets are valid as for the rest of the EMT lines.

There are also some intercity bus lines that connect the main interchanges of Madrid with other municipalities of the Community of Madrid during the night. These night buses accept the same types of tickets and travel passes as the intercity buses. Fares and tickets for night buses

When do buses start running in Madrid?

City buses of Madrid: EMT

The general schedule of service every day of the year is from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm.

How many operations centers does EMT have?

Operations Centers

EMT's headquarters are located in a modern building in Cerro de la Plata Street, 4, near Atocha Station. It also has five operations centers, commonly known as depots, spread throughout the city.

How many EMT lines are there?

Empresa Municipal de Transportes: Operates a fleet of 2,107 buses and 80 mobility assistance vehicles. It operates a network of 219 bus lines (191 daytime, 27 night buses and Airport Express).

C1 bus route madrid

The integration in the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid of the functions of planning, coordination of infrastructures and services and fare policy facilitates the provision of an efficient and quality service for citizens.

Once you have selected a municipality from the list, you will obtain the urban lines that provide service in that municipality. Click on the desired line to see all the information (scheme, timetables and real time information).

To travel on long-distance bus lines, the Regional Transport Consortium has agreements that allow the use of the Transport Pass to certain towns in Castilla-La Mancha.    There are other non-personal tickets that can be adapted to the needs of the traveler.  To obtain information on the fares of these tickets, the user should contact or consult the websites of the different operators.

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The controversy has arisen as soon as the vehicle began to roll yesterday, Monday. After the private protests came those of the various administrations. The president of the regional government, Cristina Cifuentes, has brought it to the attention of the General Attorney of the Community of Madrid and has asked the Government delegate, Concepción Dancausa, to also take it to the Prosecutor's Office in case it constitutes a crime.

Similarly, the president has denounced the laws of sexual indoctrination that have been approved in several autonomous communities to "impose" sexual diversity among minors, which in his opinion "violate the freedom of education and the fundamental right of parents to educate their children".

In addition, another section indicates that "all necessary preventive measures will be adopted to avoid homophobic, lesbophobic, biphobic and/or transphobic behavior as well as an early detection of situations leading to violations of the right to equality and non-discrimination of LGTB persons".

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Vea todas las actualizaciones de C1 (de Cuatro Caminos), incluyendo información de estado en tiempo real, retrasos de autobuses, cambios de rutas, cambios de ubicación de paradas y cualquier otro cambio en el servicio. Obtenga una vista de mapa en tiempo real de C1 (Circular 1) y siga el autobús mientras se mueve en el mapa. Descárguese ya la aplicación para obtener toda la información.

La primera parada de la ruta de autobús C1 es Cuatro Caminos y la última parada es Embajadores. La línea C1 (Circular 1) funciona todos los días: C1 tiene 32 paradas y la duración total del viaje para esta ruta es de aproximadamente 54 minutos.

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